Saturday Morning Structure Fire
By Captain/EMT Spencer Wiesner
January 9, 2021

At approximately 9:00 AM, the South Bossier Fire Department was dispatched to a "smoke condition" which was caused by the resident lighting a fire in a fireplace. It was reported that the house was filling with smoke and unsure if the fire is completely extinguished. Our staffed stations responded with Engine 1, Tanker 1, Rescue 1, Engine 4, and Tanker 4. While en route, 911 advised that there was an additional call from a neighbor saying that flames were visible from the roof upgrading the incident to a working structure fire. Many volunteers advised they were responding and were able to get Tanker 5 and Engine 2, Sprint 4, and Brush 4 on the road adding an additional 6,000 gallons of water to the response and more EMS equipment if needed.

With the apparatus from Station 4 being only 3.5 miles away, Engine 4 and Tanker 4 arrived within minutes advising that there was heavy smoke from the "B" Side of the structure. Upon making an attack on the fire, it was found that the fire was in a void space between the old shingled roof covered by OSB board and a new metal roof making the fire a challenge to get to. During initial interior attacks, firefighters noticed a severe lack of integrity in the ceiling which led to minor collapses and therefore firefighters transitioning to a defensive attack on the structure. Due to the complexity of safely getting to the fire, firefighters were on the scene for under 4 hours.

Units: Engine 1, Rescue 1, Tanker 1, Engine 4, Tanker 4, Engine 2, Tanker 5, Brush 4, Sprint 4, Car 1, Unit 3
Mutual Aid: BPEMS Medic 4, Haughton Fire Department