The Jessie Henry Memorial Highway
By Captain Rob Whiteman
August 11, 2022

As many of you are aware, the South Bossier Fire Department lost firefighter Jessie Henry in a tragic line of duty accident in December 2021. With our department never having dealt with the sudden loss of a friend and firefighter, we have been working tirelessly to find ways to best honor him and continue his great legacy.

It is my honor to announce that we have been able to dedicate a portion of LA Highway 527 to become the Jessie Henry Memorial Highway.

The South Bossier Fire Department has been working closely with Louisiana State Representative Dodie Horton to achieve our goal of honoring Jessie Henry. This was done with the passing of the 2022 Louisiana House Bill 534. This states the portion of Louisiana Highway 527 that passes from parish line to parish line through Bossier Parish shall be known and hereby designated as the Jessie Henry Memorial Highway.

The South Bossier Fire Department and the Family of Jessie Henry want to extend our gratitude to Louisiana State Representative Dodie Horton and her constituents for the countless hours they have spent working to honor Jessie Henry. It was a pleasure working alongside her to achieve our goal and look forward to working together again in the future.

We are excited to announce we will be having the Unveiling Ceremony on Jessie’s birthday, August 24, 2022, at 10:00 am CST on Highway 527 in Bossier Parish. We hope to see support from the community, friends, family, and anyone who helped make this dream a reality.

R. Whiteman