The Tragic Loss of Jessie Henry
By Captain Rob Whiteman
December 18, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we write to inform everyone that the South Bossier Fire Department has lost one of its members in a tragic accident.

Jessie Henry had been an active member of South Bossier Fire Department for 3 years but started his Firefighting career in Mansfield. Jessie had multiple certifications from firefighting to public safety rescue diver. He had big plans for his fire service career, wanting to start his paramedic at the first of the year, and he wanted to follow in his uncle’s footsteps to go work for a large fire department in Texas.

Jessie genuinely cared about his community; he started a non-profit charity called The Four Quarters Club to help underprivileged children with school supplies. He would always discuss the big plans he had and how much he could help. The Four Quarters Club handed out countless supplies to children at the start of 2021, and he was already getting things together to give even more at the start of the new school year.

Even before Jessie was excelling in his firefighting career, he was a member of the United States Army. After serving for a number of years in the United States Army, Jessie Henry Joined the Army National Guard and was still an active member until his tragic death.

Talking about Jessie’s exceptional work ethic is only second to his outstanding personality. Jessie was a friend to everyone. He was genuine, hospitable, and positive in all circumstances. He truly lit up every room he was in and lifted up every person in it. Between serving his country and his parish Jessie was a professional MMA fighter. Jessie was always working hard at the gym to get ready for his next fight. Jessie was truly in the process of mastering his craft in MMA, and often bragged about the support he was receiving from his gym and trainers.

With all of Jessie’s amazing accomplishments, he was the most proud of his daughter, regularly showing off pictures of her and talking about how sweet she was. Above all, the most important thing to Jessie was the value of family. Jessie’s entire family shares this value, whether it was his father and brother coming to all of his MMA fights, or the precious time he was able to spend with his daughter. He valued family above all else.

Thank you, Jessie, for everything you have done for your country, your city, and a special thank you from all the members of the South Bossier Fire Department. It has truly been our honor and privilege to know you. Rest easy brother, we'll take it from here.

Jessie Henry
08/24/1993 – 12/18/2021