Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries!
By Captain Rob Whiteman
November 7, 2021

Time change is a great time to change smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm batteries. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are a critical element of home fire safety, reducing the risk of injury and death by more than 50 percent. Working alarms are especially important nowadays since more people are spending even more time at home due to the pandemic. With the weather getting colder, more households are turning on their furnaces, lighting fireplaces, and other fuel-burning appliances more often. This makes it especially important to have fully functioning detectors.

Each year approximately 362,000 unintentional residential fires are reported, resulting in 2,400 deaths, 10,000+ injuries, and over 7 billion dollars in damages. There are also countless amounts of Carbon Monoxide emergencies and over 400 deaths each year. Carbon Monoxide is called “the invisible killer” because you can’t see or smell it. Carbon monoxide is caused by a lot of home heating appliances, gas stoves and ovens, and portable generators. So, having these items makes it even more important to have carbon monoxide alarms along with your Smoke detectors.

So remember, let’s change out batteries twice a year. Once when we spring forward in time, and again when we fall back. Trust us, we understand the nuisance a smoke detector can cause. From beeping when the battery is low, to going off when we are cooking, this makes you want to unplug it or take the battery out; However, that slight inconvenience is not worth you or your family's life.

In addition, the South Bossier Fire Department will come install working smoke detectors with carbon monoxide alarms with 10-year batteries for free in your home. Just call 318-987-2555 to set up your appointment.