Spring Morning Structure Fire
By Captain/EMT Spencer Wiesner
March 20, 2021

At 0040, South Bossier Fire Department was dispatched to a woods fire on Highway 157 in the area of the McKee Road and Goat Hill Road. Our staffed station from Station 1 was clearing an EMS call from a few miles up the road and was responding. Upon arrival, Sprint 1 identified that this was not a woods fire and in fact a Structure Fire which appeared to be about 25 percent involved. At 0046, 911 re-dispatched the alarm as a confirmed working structure fire. Shortly thereafter, Engine 4, Tanker 4, Engine 5, and Tanker 1 were responding from our staffed stations. Volunteers responded to nearby stations getting Engine 2, Rescue 2, and Rescue 1 en route. Upon arrival, crews made an interior attack, successfully containing and knocking down the main seat of the fire. While this was being accomplished, an interior search team went to work in the smoke-filled and fiery conditions. Initial and Secondary searches determined that there was no one inside of the structure. Crews then conducted overhaul operations, ensuring all hot-spots were knocked down with the help of Class-A foam and a Thermal Imaging Camera. Firefighters operated at this incident for approximately 1.5 hours and left the scene to the Louisiana Fire Marshall for further investigation

Units: Engine 5 (Acting Engine 1), Tanker 1, Rescue 1, Engine 4, Tanker 4, Engine 2, Rescue 2, Car 1, Car 2, Unit 4, Unit 22, Unit 31, Unit 32, Unit 72, Unit 151, Unit 152, Unit 171
Mutual Aid: BPEMS Medic 3, Louisiana Fire Marshall